With roots embedded in rock, blues, folk and acoustic genres, Steve performs original and cover music that tends to ignite a musical bon fire for listeners of all ages. As one watches Steve Rea perform it's not hard to tell that he feels every note and every lyric, whether it's an original song or someone else’s composition the approach is the same. "He's simply an artist and a damn good guitar player", is how one listener put it. Steve Rea’s music has graced numerous venues throughout the Midwest and has been showcased on WKLT radio's Northern Michigan Rocks compilation CDs, as well as the 2004 "Green Album" release. Thought provoking, lyrically sound songs with tasteful guitar riffs and rhythmic grooves would describe original compositions. Northern Michigan is home and where live outtings can be seen.  Steve has been a fixture at places like The Courtyard and The Fresh Palate in Alpena and The Hide-A-Way in Long Lake.   Whichever the format or the venue attendees can expect an energetic show filled with heavy doses of feeling and passion.....

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